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Debian 2.0 boot-images with aic7xxx 5.1.4

Because I've received some requests for such a beastie, I've gone ahead
and created a new set of unofficial installation-disks for Debian 2.0
(Hamm).  This set was built from version 2.0.35 of the kernel-source
(the debianized version, so that any "normally-applied" patches should
be included), with aic7xxx patched to version 5.1.4.  I've posted it at
http://www.debian.org/~adric/aic7xxx/ - the intent is to keep it
available there until Debian 2.1 (Slink) has been out for a reasonable
length of time.

I'll be sending the updated version to Doug Ledford shortly, so
hopefully it will appear at the main aic7xxx ftp-site before long...

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