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Re: Upstream maintainer adding debian/rules

"Kalle" == Kalle Niemitalo <tosi@ees2.oulu.fi> writes:

Kalle> Should the version number be 0.13.4 or 0.13.4-1?  DUMB is
Kalle> certainly not a Debian-only package, but the Debian support is
Kalle> embedded.

0.13.4.  When the upstream source and the debianization are maintained
together, theres technically no need for a -subversion.  You can use
one though, if you want the ability to tweak the .deb without making
it seem to your users like the main program has changed.

Kalle> Is there some reason why I should move the Debian files to a
Kalle> separate patch?

Again, no need.  If theres no .orig.tar.gz, dpkg-buildpackage will
create the .tar.gz and .dsc and automatically omit the patch file.

Kalle> Is it necessary (or even useful) to have the .dsc files on FTP
Kalle> sites?

I think (1) its useful because it contains the md5sum of your source
tarball, guaranteeing its authenticity (dpkg-buildpackage will
PGP-sign it), and (2) its necessary because Debian's source-extraction
tool, dpkg-source, expects to be given a .dsc file.  :-)  In a sense a
.tar.gz isn't Debian source unless theres a .dsc explaining how to
unpack and patch it.

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