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Upstream maintainer adding debian/rules

I'm the maintainer of DUMB, a GPLed Doom-like 3D game engine with a
home page at http://samba.anu.edu.au/dumb/.  Since I use Debian, I
decided to try making a Debian package for it.

I have added debian/rules and debian/control in the source tree and
succeeded to build and install a binary package.  So now I have one
source tree which can be used to build Debian and Red Hat packages
(thanks to Josh Parsons for the latter) as well as compiled and
installed in the GNU style.

I don't want to become an official Debian developer, at least not yet.
I'm too lazy for that and DUMB may still be too buggy to be included
in a distribution.  Rather, I'm going to put the Debian binary
packages in the same sites where we have the source packages, and hope
that interested Debian users get them from there.  We do this with the
RPM packages too.

My questions:

Should the version number be 0.13.4 or 0.13.4-1?  DUMB is certainly
not a Debian-only package, but the Debian support is embedded.

Is there some reason why I should move the Debian files to a separate

Is it necessary (or even useful) to have the .dsc files on FTP sites?

Kalle Olavi Niemitalo <tosi@stekt.oulu.fi>, http://stekt.oulu.fi/~tosi/

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