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Re: Policy for /usr/doc/<pkg-name>-doc

On Fri, Nov 06, 1998 at 05:27:33PM +0100, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:

> I just realized that there is no uniformity in Debian as regards the
> place for package additional documentation.  The Debian Policy is not
> clear on this issue:

    As otherwise mentioned having <package-doc> link to <package> and have
the documentation as a subdirectory is quite nice.

    Speaking of documentation, is there any way we could get HTML docs to
not be gzipped and have an index.html symlinked to the appropriate place if
there isn't already one?  Ex: Mutt's "manual.html" is the start of Mutt's
html docs, so a symlink from index.html -> that.

    The reason I ask is because I've found it quite nice for packages that
do have html to just symlink the directory under /www/htdocs and to be able
to access them from there no matter where I am.

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