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Re: developer status again (fwd)

> Bo Branton wrote:
> > I think think is unacebtable! If someone is interested in becoming a
> > package maintainer and put a lot of work in building a package with a
> > program he think is usable to the debian comunity he should be treated
> > with respect and that includes getting an answer on the
> > new-maintainer request within a week.
> I also think this is inacceptable.

How about we aim instead at what is reasonable?

I too have an outstanding developer request.

It is for a small and relatively unimportant package.  I've been
told politely there will be no action until after this freeze
and release.

And I'd guess that if I were capable of preparing 
boot-disks-powerpc.144.deb or vax.8mm.deb (you get the idea) 
action would overnight.  A complete PAM package, maybe two 
or three days.  Some new game - see you next year.  I'm 
comfortable with that.



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