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Re: Lawyers needed: Zanshin Public License

>>"Ian" == Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

 Ian> It's worse than that.  It's DFSG compliant, but we can't distribute
 Ian> the code at all because of the requirement to keep old versions about
 Ian> for 6-12 months.

 Ian> This is clearly a bug in the DFSG.

	Really? Then we also do not like the NPL? We specifically
 wrote that as an acceptable licence in the DFSG. As Ean Schuessler
 brought up at the ALS, maybe we should be thinking of daily
 incremental backups of the sources, with (say) monthly CD's so that
 all sources are indeed available.

	To put it mildly, I am very leery of tinkering with the DFSG,
 since that *is* the defining document of the project.


from the NPL
3. Distribution Obligations.

     3.2. Availability of Source Code.
     Any Modification which You create or to which You contribute must be
     made available in Source Code form under the terms of this License
     either on the same media as an Executable version or via an accepted
     Electronic Distribution Mechanism to anyone to whom you made an
     Executable version available; and if made available via Electronic
     Distribution Mechanism, must remain available for at least twelve (12)
     months after the date it initially became available, or at least six
     (6) months after a subsequent version of that particular Modification
     has been made available to such recipients. You are responsible for
     ensuring that the Source Code version remains available even if the
     Electronic Distribution Mechanism is maintained by a third party.
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