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Re: Lawyers needed: Zanshin Public License

--On Mon, Oct 26, 1998 2:10 PM +0200 "Tommi Virtanen" <tv@debian.org> wrote:

> 	Anyone feel like playing a lawyer? I'd like to
> 	package latte, a nice-looking language to generate
> 	HTML with (see http://www.zanshin.com/latte/), but
> 	it has a weird license.
> 	It seems as if the author would like the license to
> 	be very open-source, but english is not my native
> 	language, lawyer-english even less so. If you could
> 	take a look at http://www.zanshin.com/ZPL.html
> 	(included) and tell if it passes the DFSG in your
> 	opinion. Thank you.

Well, as always, IANAL, but the license looks good to me.  It is similar in
spirit to the GPL, although it seems to be slightly less 'infectious'.

Certainly, I see no point of the DFSG violated.


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