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> On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Joey Hess wrote:
> joey>I had 2 bugreports filed against debhelper this morning about this -
> joey>misfiled, I think, since it looks like fakeroot is the problem. Is this
> joey>happenning only with the new version of fakeroot?
> 	Yes, I built packages last night, and everything was fine.  I did
> an apt upgrade today and picked up fakeroot 0.0-14.3 which was uploaded
> sometime on Sunday (I erased the report) and must have been installed
> recently.

Ah, that must be the fakeroot compiled by Ray. He already told me
he had a better way of handling the shlibs file, and, I told him to
go ahead and make the upload. At that time I of cource didn't know
just how much better is new shlibs handling would be :)

Could I just re-itterate: Please, don't use fakeroot at all, but use
libtricks. That's much more versitile than fakeroot (for example, `su user'
works under the fakeroot provided by libtricks), and is actively maintained
by me. Furthermore, you can do really nice things with `mapping'
directories on top of each other (for example, having a compleate
linux source tree in /usr/src/linux, and one that contains just the
changed ones in ~/linux, and useing libtricks to make gcc and friends
believe you've got a full archive in ~/linux).

On the other hand, I'll wait one or two days for a reaction from Ray,
(hoping he will fix the current fakroot) and if that doesn't come, I'll
upload a fixed fakeroot myself (Ray talked me out of removing fakeroot
from the distribution just now). But I'm quite confident Ray already uploaded
a fixed fakeroot, while I am typing this message.


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