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Re: Some descriptions about the mathematic application

>     1. This application will have a graphic interface, that can be made
> with a tool development like Lesstif, the clone of Motif.

I would recommend using gtk, as this will facilitate a gnome version in
the future (gnome is the GNU desktop environment).

>     2. The datas of the user will protect by a login/Password system
> (that can make an use in network).

Linux file permissions should make this unnecessary.

>     1. This application will be able to treate the most of mathematic
> object as: fonctions, matrixs, equation system, gradian, divegence,
> graph, curve.
>      Differents uses on 
> 	Fonctions:
> 	o Fonction with n variables.
> 	o Evaluation (numeric and formel).
> 	o Derivate (formel).
> 	o Integral (if possible).

How clever will this be? The sort of integration that a scientific
calculator can do, or someting really cool?

> 	Graph 2D, 3D.

You might consider making output that could be fed to e.g. gnuplot (save
re-inventing the wheel).

Depending on the level, I would happily code some of the maths


Elen sila lumenn' omentielvo

Steward of the Cambridge Tolkien Society
Selwyn College Computer Support

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