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Re: too many libraries in slink's base system

Enrique Zanardi wrote:
> Due to the new major revisions in slang and ncurses, there are some
> packages in the base system that still depend on the old versions and
> some that depend on the new ones. 
> As having both versions of the same libraries in the base system is not
> desirable (it's already huge) I guess the proper solution would be to
> recompile the packages to use the new libraries.
> The libraries are:
>  (old versions): slang0.99.38 and ncurses3.4 
>  (new versions): slang1 and libncurses4
> and the packages that should be recompiled are:
> ae: (depends on) slang0.99.38 
> bash: ncurses3.4
> dpkg: ncurses3.4
> elvis-tiny: ncurses3.4
> libreadlineg2: ncurses3.4
> procps: ncurses3.4
> util-linux: ncurses3.4, slang0.99.38
> May I file "important" bugs against those packages?

If I would have a vote you would get my "go".



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