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Re: Some descriptions about the mathematic application

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 01:51:37PM +0100, M.C. Vernon wrote:
> >     1. This application will have a graphic interface, that can be made
> > with a tool development like Lesstif, the clone of Motif.
> I would recommend using gtk, as this will facilitate a gnome version in
> the future (gnome is the GNU desktop environment).

I would recommend gtk anyway. IMHO the GNOME stuff sucks badly at the moment
(in bug terms - eg detaching a menu means you cant reattach it, things like

> >     2. The datas of the user will protect by a login/Password system
> > (that can make an use in network).
> Linux file permissions should make this unnecessary.

Unless you want to do workgroup-application type things (share stuff over
a network).

> >     1. This application will be able to treate the most of mathematic
> > object as: fonctions, matrixs, equation system, gradian, divegence,
> > graph, curve.

One thing you MUST include in this is Ordinary Differential Equations (dunno
if that translates well into french...).

> > 
> >      Differents uses on 
> > 	Fonctions:
> > 	o Fonction with n variables.
> > 	o Evaluation (numeric and formel).
> > 	o Derivate (formel).
> > 	o Integral (if possible).
> How clever will this be? The sort of integration that a scientific
> calculator can do, or someting really cool?

Ever seen the TI-90? (that can do it symbolically, AFAIK, but its fairly
expensive). Basically, its not particularly hard if your program understands
equations etc. to implement some integration algorithms to do it symbolically.

MuPad has roughly these features, plus some more:-

a) It's non-free, there's no source, etc.
b) It's sometimes a bit silly. For example, it often gives the expanded
   complex form of sin x instead of sin x in the middle of derivatives
c) It crashes a fair bit
d) The delete keys don't work properly

Of course it should support numeric too.

Basically, what you are talking about is a clone of Mathematica or Maple.
But GPL'd - sounds very cool indeed!

> > 	Graph 2D, 3D.
> You might consider making output that could be fed to e.g. gnuplot (save
> re-inventing the wheel).

I agree here. But some care would be needed to translate everything properly,
and it may not be worth that effort (which may turn out to be particularly

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