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Some descriptions about the mathematic application

Good morning, 

    In my e-mail from Mond, 13 Oct I've proposed to realize a mathematic
application. So, I already read the Debian contract which mentionned in
your e-mail. I suppose that the description must be done to you.

 These project can be develop with some developers who are interested in
my project.
 These are the differents features of this application.
    It will be free, and seems to Maplev.

    1. This application will have a graphic interface, that can be made
with a tool development like Lesstif, the clone of Motif.
    2. The datas of the user will protect by a login/Password system
(that can make an use in network).
    3. Each user will have his own configuration.


    1. This application will be able to treate the most of mathematic
object as: fonctions, matrixs, equation system, gradian, divegence,
graph, curve.

     Differents uses on 
	o Fonction with n variables.
	o Evaluation (numeric and formel).
	o Derivate (formel).
	o Integral (if possible).
	o Use with the others mathematics objects (Matrixs, ..).

	o Determinant.
	o Inverse.
	o Use with the others objects

	Equation system
	o Disolve
	o A system can have objects mantionned.
	Gradian, divergence.

	Graph 2D, 3D.

Didier.DAVILLE@eisti.fr				D.Didier

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