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too many libraries in slink's base system

Due to the new major revisions in slang and ncurses, there are some
packages in the base system that still depend on the old versions and
some that depend on the new ones. 

As having both versions of the same libraries in the base system is not
desirable (it's already huge) I guess the proper solution would be to
recompile the packages to use the new libraries.

The libraries are:
 (old versions): slang0.99.38 and ncurses3.4 
 (new versions): slang1 and libncurses4

and the packages that should be recompiled are:

ae: (depends on) slang0.99.38 
bash: ncurses3.4
dpkg: ncurses3.4
elvis-tiny: ncurses3.4
libreadlineg2: ncurses3.4
procps: ncurses3.4
util-linux: ncurses3.4, slang0.99.38

May I file "important" bugs against those packages?

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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