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Re: Some descriptions about the mathematic application

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 01:52:41PM +0200, Etudiant DAVILLE wrote:
>  These project can be develop with some developers who are interested in
> my project.
>  These are the differents features of this application.
>     It will be free, and seems to Maplev.
>   I) 
>     1. This application will have a graphic interface, that can be made
> with a tool development like Lesstif, the clone of Motif.

GTK is definitly better than Lesstif when you create a new application.
And text interface may be very helpful sometimes (telnetting to your home
site from anywhere when you have a great idea).  Maybe text-only system
plus graphical shell?  What do you think about this?

>     2. The datas of the user will protect by a login/Password system
> (that can make an use in network).

It's already done by Linux itself

>     3. Each user will have his own configuration.

... in ~/.appnamerc or ~/.appname/*

>   II)
>     1. This application will be able to treate the most of mathematic
> object as: fonctions, matrixs, equation system, gradian, divegence,
> graph, curve.
>      Differents uses on 
> 	Fonctions:
> 	o Fonction with n variables.
> 	o Evaluation (numeric and formel).
> 	o Derivate (formel).
> 	o Integral (if possible).
> 	o Use with the others mathematics objects (Matrixs, ..).

> 	Matrixs:
> 	o Determinant.
> 	o Inverse.
> 	o Use with the others objects
> 	Equation system
> 	o Disolve
> 	o A system can have objects mantionned.
> 	Gradian, divergence.
> 	Graph 2D, 3D.

There is a good package `octave' for matrices and numeric things
but it has not symbolic computations.  Graphisc are done well by
Gnuplot.  I suggest you concentrate on symbolic computation in your
new tool and integrate it with existing ones is some way.

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