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Re: Sendmail (was: Re: huge lists)

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 11:31:02 -0400 (EDT), Richard A Nelson wrote:

>As for the antiquation of sendmail rules - I'll bet you've not looked
>since the move from sendmail.cf to sendmail.mc... Much nicer!

    Incorrect.  I've never had experience with sendmail without the m4
scripts.  I have, however, sat down and read a majority of the bat book and
have run Sendmail both at home and at work.  The more I learn about it, the
more I hate it.

>And what do you do that you'd need constant fighting?  Once I get a
>site customized, I don't need to muck with it until the customer
>identifies additional needs.

     Set it up and *understand* what it is doing.  Even after reading the Bat
book I look at the sendmail configuration and am baffled half the time.  OTOH
when I first installed Exim I took a look at the configuration file and had
half an idea of what was doing what, where and why.  I may not have known the
specific syntax, but I had a general understanding.  

>Many are scared of sendmail because, like me, its reputation preceeds
>it...  The problem is, that its reputation (unlike mine) is poorly
>deserved - oft' handed down and miscarried - rarely revisited. 

    Nope.  For me it is earned from working with Sendmail and Exim.  As an
example, and I know it is an old version, but bear with me.  At work to have
the same basic functionality as Exim we have xinetd calling an inline spam
filter which, in turn, calls sendmail 8.8.6.  We do that because later
versions of Sendmail break some things that we do, 8.8.6 doesn't have spam
filtering, and cannot limit the number of instances that are envoked.  Exim
does all that.  Exim also has better queue handling, IMHO, which I'd love to
have at work.

    To each their own.  But personally I will always recommend what I feel is
the better all around solution.  Currently, to me, that is Exim.

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