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Intend to package t1utils


if there are no objetions, i'll package t1utils, a collection of programs
that manipulte type-1 fonts. The most interesting feature is the
possibility to translate PFB (and PFA) files in a human readable form,
that can be modified and compiled back to the PFB format. 

The t1utils can be found at 
where YOUR_PREFERRED_CTAN is any Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
(e.g., ftp://sunsite.doc.ic.ac.uk/packages/tex/uk-tex, or



====================== t1utils/README ======================

t1utils version 1.1a

This is a collection of type-1 font manipulation programs.

t1disasm disassembles type-1 fonts in PFA or PFB format into a raw,
human-readable text form.

t1asm (re)assembles type-1 fonts in raw, human-readable form into
either PFA or PFB format.

t1ascii converts PFB files into PFA files.

t1binary converts PFA files into PFB files.

unpost extracts POST resources out of a Macintosh PostScript file
(like a type-1 printer/ATM file) stored in MacBinary format or as a
raw resource fork into PFA or PFB format.  Note that this program does
not need to run on a Macintosh.  It allows Macintosh fonts to be used

Currently, these programs have been successfully compiled on a Sun 4
using acc and gcc.  Note that these programs are ANSI C.  Porting to
DOS machines would likely be trivial, but that hasn't been done yet
(do you want to?).

I. Lee Hetherington

Version 1.1a: Added MSDOS / EMX gcc patches.
Piet Tutelaers

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