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Re: daemons & clients

On Tue, Sep 22, 1998 at 09:25:30PM -0400, Shaleh wrote:
> Nick, apt is stable, go for it.

Very stable!  A little rough on the edges still---not yet graceful with
systems which have packages that have been installed --force (which you
should not be doing anyway) or are for some reason broken...

It doesn't purge packages at all--frustrating!  I don't like leaving config
files and init.d scripts laying around if the package is never to be used

If there is a timeout in getting a packages file anywhere, it dies and
doesn't properly update the others.  It doesn't pick the fastest mirror or
just rely on whatever mirror is up, it uses the first one that has the
package of that version.  It doesn't handle timeouts with getting packages

These are a small price to pay for the speed and stability of the program. 
If you want a package purged, you can do it with dpkg (you might have to
specify more than one package on the cmdline after dpkg says it can't
because of unmet deps but..) and you can always tweak your sources.list file
as needed and apt-get update if a mirror is down for some reason.  Small
annoyances and known problems that have workarounds in all cases that

And if it's even possible, dselect sucks less when used with apt.

> Back to the matter at hand.  Ian is working on a quiet Debian install. 
> Time fram yet to be announced or determined.
> If at all possible daemons and clients belong in separate packages. 
> This should be policy.  I have a NO_RUN file in /etc/init.d I then edit
> any server that I do not want to start to check for this file.  I also
> added a force-start that ignores this.  Why?  For instance I installed
> boa (a web daemon).  I almost never use it.  However when I want to read
> info page I use it combined w/ info2www.

Set up boa to run from inetd, this is not efficient for a web server or any
server that gets hit a lot like web servers are, but it's fast enough for
info2www and dwww..

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