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Re: daemons & clients

>    I would prefer that postinst scripts check for config files before
> prompting.  If a diligent sysadmin has preconfigured a package this could
> save significant amounts of time.  The slow, manual Debian postinst process
> is one reason so many Beowulfen are Redhat/Slackware based. Imagine
> upgrading a 10,000 cpu farm and knowing you'll face the same 10 questions
> 10,000 times.

i agree. i may be setting one up soon, actually =) how about a
--postinst=noninteractive or something for dpkg, instead.
and while i'm imagining, i'll pretend i have a cray in my closet ;)

>    For this particular case (ssh), the postinst question could be avoided by
> splitting the package into -client and -server packages, and making the
> reasonable assumption that a person installing the -server package wanted it
> to run.  This would also save some space on the client-only machines.  Many
> (most?) client/server packages are already split.  I should think about
> splitting dqs I suppose..

	this is what i suggested the other day. assuming the maintainer
could do it, i'd like to see it be done.

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