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Re: daemons & clients

On Sep 22, Justin Maurer wrote:
> >    I would prefer that postinst scripts check for config files
> >    before prompting.  If a diligent sysadmin has preconfigured a
> >    package this could save significant amounts of time.  The slow,
> >    manual Debian postinst process is one reason so many Beowulfen
> >    are Redhat/Slackware based. Imagine upgrading a 10,000 cpu farm
> >    and knowing you'll face the same 10 questions 10,000 times.
> i agree. i may be setting one up soon, actually =) how about a
> --postinst=noninteractive or something for dpkg, instead.

[This is the first 'me too' post I've ever written, but...]

I would be extremely interested in such an option.  I've been
maintaining some debian machines using cfengine, and would really rather
that the clients install the packages themselves rather than having the
server copy over the extracted files one at a time.  In addition to
being much faster and placing a lighter load on the cfengine server,
this way I could take advantage of those nice preinst/postinst scripts
rather than writing my own (more basic) replacements. 

>From what I understand, apt would probably serve just as well - I've
just avoided it so far because I read it was still slightly unstable.

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