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Re: Permissions for level files

> |  - don't bloat /var
> |    (i have 60 machines with common /usr and standalone /var).
> Well, the levelfiles are quite small. They do add up to a
> respectable amount, though:
> [olet@apollo] ~> du -s -b /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds          
> 274149  /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds
> /var would be the natural place. I don't see any other
> place they could go.

i can understand, that people want to create new levels.
maybe on base of old levels.
but i see no reason to change them.
isn't it possible, for example, to only have a list file in /var
"level 1 = /usr/share/games/rocksndiamonds/level1.lvl" 

where users can add 
"user level 1 = /my/home/rnd/ul1.lvl" 
or so ?

IMO a basedir parameters would be the best solution.
rnd would use  /usr/share/... by default,
but people could call it with e.g. /home/user/rnd/newlevels/
to make it use these levels.

maybe the author has some nice compromise between complexity, functionality,
disk useage and securitty ?


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