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Re: Permissions for level files

>Now I want to get rid of the group rocksndiamonds. This means
>that all users will be able to edit the levels. Is this

if it isn't too much work:
please add an optional parameter to rocksndiamonds : leveldir.
that way everyone can setup his own repository of level files, 
can give other users permission to play them (or not).

my main concern is :
 - it must not be necessary to write somethin in /usr
 - don't bloat /var
   (i have 60 machines with common /usr and standalone /var).
 - try to find a solution, where users can't damage anything,
   but sysadmin work is not required for extra functionality.
   (sysadmins neither liek to fix gama data files nor fiddle around with
   groups, only because some user wrote a new level).

if a game causes work or has some impact on the filesystem,
most admins will deinstall it. 
(yes, this only matters for multi-user-machines, not for home users).


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