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Re: Permissions for level files

*-Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de>
| >Now I want to get rid of the group rocksndiamonds. This means
| >that all users will be able to edit the levels. Is this
| >acceptable?
| if it isn't too much work:
| please add an optional parameter to rocksndiamonds : leveldir.
| that way everyone can setup his own repository of level files, 
| can give other users permission to play them (or not).

It will be in the next release.

| my main concern is :
|  - it must not be necessary to write somethin in /usr


|  - don't bloat /var
|    (i have 60 machines with common /usr and standalone /var).

Well, the levelfiles are quite small. They do add up to a
respectable amount, though:

[olet@apollo] ~> du -s -b /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds          
274149  /var/lib/games/rocksndiamonds

/var would be the natural place. I don't see any other
place they could go.

|  - try to find a solution, where users can't damage anything,
|    but sysadmin work is not required for extra functionality.
|    (sysadmins neither liek to fix gama data files nor fiddle around with
|    groups, only because some user wrote a new level).
| if a game causes work or has some impact on the filesystem,
| most admins will deinstall it. 
| (yes, this only matters for multi-user-machines, not for home users).

I'll do my best :-)

olet@ifi.uio.no   [-: .elOle. :-]   olet@debian.org

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