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Re: debian-cd

> Hi,
> > In many peoples opinion (including mine) rewriting something in perl is
> > not necessarily an improvement.
> > 
> > But the scripts could certainly do with a bit of a re-write, so I guess
> > if you do it you get to choose the tools.
> That's right. But if the script is much shorter than the makefiles and it's
> much more flexible it _is_ an improvement I think :)
> But we will have to work for it for one other week I think before we can
> release our first alpha version :)

BTW Are you using the hard link trick Andreas came up with for debian-cd ?

If you want to come up with a script that takes a set of configuration files 
that define what goes on a CD, I'd be happy to take it and write the config 
files to produce a similar CD to that produced by debian-cd.

This is easy for me, since open.hands.com has several spare Gig and so can 
have two copies of each CD without too much effort.

You can have an account on open.hands.com, if that would help.  I can set it 
up so you can loop mount the two sets of images, and compare them directly.
Mail me if you're interested.

The main sneaky bit of debian-cd is that it creates two directory trees, on 
for the boot floppy, and the other for everything else, so that mkisofs can be 
forced to put the floppy near the start of the CD (otherwise it won't boot on 
all machines).

Cheers, Phil.

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