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Copyright problem with ELM-ME+

I'm slightly confused by the elm copyright as distributed in
/usr/doc/elm-me+/copyright.  I have extracted the newmail program
since it is some sort of useful and I don't want to install elm on the
machines.  The "problem" is that am I allowed to re-distribute it as
Debian package or not?

This is what /usr/doc/elm-me+/copyright says:

1. You may, without additional permission from the authors, distribute 
   Elm or components of Elm, with or without additions developed by 
   you or by others at no charge.  You may also distribute Elm along 
   with any other product for sale, provided that the cost of the 
   bundled package is the same regardless of whether Elm is included,
   and provided that those interested only in Elm must be notified 
   that it is a product freely available from the Elm Development Group.


NOTE that it is not permitted to copy, sublicense, distribute or transfer any
of the Elm software except as expressly indicated herein.  Any attempts to
do otherwise will be considered a violation of this license and your rights
to the Elm software will be voided.



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