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Re: new developers wait for GNUPG (was: PAM still a goal for slink)

On Wed, Sep 02, 1998 at 03:04:52PM +0100, Edward Betts wrote:
> Yes same here, I don't want to install any non-free stuff, I have gpg
> installed and running (can get it working with mutt though :-( ),

It should work with the current mutt version in slink; I think the one in
hamm isn't recent enough.

> I would help change the code that needs to be changed but I am not a
> developer chicken and egg, maybe if somebody pointed me in the right
> direction, I could make the changes and e-mail them to a developer who
> could upload them. But then there are sequrity issues because I have not
> authenticated myself with GPG. Chicken and the egg

Not really; you could just provide diffs to the packages, and send them to a
developer that can assess whether introducing the changes has security

Anyway, most (all?) of the code that must be changed to handle GPG is in the
"dpgk-dev" package; it should be fairly simple to find out where it
currently invokes PGP. Probably the correct thing to do would be to use GPG
by default if it is available, and fall back to PGP when it isn't (or when
an override flag is given).

> Maybe I can't help, in that bit of code, however I would still like to be a
> developer, but not to the point where I will install semi-free software.

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