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PAM still a goal for slink?

Having looked at the debian project history document, the aims for slink appear to be FHS compliance, integration of APT, and the appearance of GNOME.

Previously, I'd thought that PAM integration was a goal of slink too.  Has this fallen by the wayside, or is it still a goal?  Is it progressing - are any of the base packages already PAM-ised in slink?

At the moment, I don't need PAM, but in six months time, I will.  RedHat supports PAM, and has done for several releases.  I feel PAM integration is too important to disappear from slink's goals... and I don't want to have to change to RedHat just to get PAM support...

Responses appreciated...

	-duncan (not yet a developper, but will be 			once i can use gpg for it...)

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