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new developers wait for GNUPG (was: PAM still a goal for slink)

On Wed, 02 Sep, 1998, Duncan Thomson wrote:

[-snip PAM stuff -]

> Responses appreciated...
> -duncan (not yet a developper, but will be once i can use gpg for it...)

Yes same here, I don't want to install any non-free stuff, I have gpg
installed and running (can get it working with mutt though :-( ), how long
tell I can become a deveopler?

How many other people are in the situation.

I would help change the code that needs to be changed but I am not a developer
chicken and egg, maybe if somebody pointed me in the right direction, I could
make the changes and e-mail them to a developer who could upload them. But
then there are sequrity issues because I have not authenticated myself with
GPG. Chicken and the egg

Maybe I can't help, in that bit of code, however I would still like to be a
developer, but not to the point where I will install semi-free software.
Edward Betts 

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