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Re: new developers wait for GNUPG (was: PAM still a goal for slink)

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998 jdassen@wi.leidenuniv.nl wrote:

> Anyway, most (all?) of the code that must be changed to handle GPG is in the
> "dpgk-dev" package; it should be fairly simple to find out where it
> currently invokes PGP. Probably the correct thing to do would be to use GPG
> by default if it is available, and fall back to PGP when it isn't (or when
> an override flag is given).

>From man 1 dpkg-source:

              When dpkg-buildpackage needs to execute PGP to sign
              a source control (.dsc) file or a .changes file  it
              will  run pgp-command (searching the PATH if neces
              sary) instead of pgp.  pgp-command will get all the
              arguments  that  pgp  would have done.  pgp-command
              should  not  contain  spaces  or  any  other  shell

Maybe this is enough for now to be able to use gpg?



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