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Re: DATOM cds.. and 2.0rX

Heiko Schlittermann wrote:
> selling the `official' image got lost, we'll make this more clear.  On
> the other side it should be clear that this can't be the official
> version since non-free/non-US aren't part of the official images, aren't
> they? ]
>     * We don't sell the official Debian images.  
>     * We build the images ourself, the main differences to
>       the official images are:
>         - including non-free/non-US (as far as the licenses allow).
>         - including proposed-updates
>         - including support for installation from multiple binary disks
>         - uptodate (updated twice weekly)
The DATOM entry on the vendor page now has:
   <strong>CD Type:</strong> Vendor release with non-us and non-free included,              
                             update twice weekly

Jay Treacy

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