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Re: PAM still a goal for slink?

> At the moment, I don't need PAM, but in six months time, I will.  RedHat supports PAM, and has done for several releases.  I feel PAM integration is too important to disappear from slink's goals... and I don't want to have to change to RedHat just to get PAM support...

PAM is **absolutely** critical for us.  We can't run stock debian 
because of it but must build all our own distribution from 
ftp.debian.org and PAM sources at kernel.linux.org (if I recall).
I don't see how anyone can run a network without it.  After
almost 5 years as ISP we have a mix of authentication schemes,
Kerberos, UNIX passwd, mySQL, and various flatfile .access (web).

You don't need to change to RedHat to get PAM support.  There is 
a linux HOWTO on it that worked well for me.  That was with the .57
version and not the newer .64.



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