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Re: Vote taking software

On 27 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>  Darren> So, I can see an argument for either but in the second case,
>  Darren> I'd agree that only one alias is needed for all votes (I
>  Darren> wouldn't imagine there being that many votes being run at one
>  Darren> time)
> 	You would be wrong ;-) I remember several (maybe a dozen or
>  so) active amendments being discussed on the policy mailing list at
>  any given time. I certainly would like us to plan as though htere
>  could be a score. Look at uv-ext.tar.gz. It creates extensions to
>  usevote to simplify multiple simultaneous votes.

'TO' address filtering (ie policy1@vote.debian.org) should hopefully be
sufficient for this and reduces the possibility of the voting software
mixing up votes. 


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