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Re: Vote taking software

>>"Darren" == Darren Benham <gecko@benham.net> writes:

 Darren> OTOH, if everybody knew to watch the vote mailing list for
 Darren> call for votes, that might make things easier on people who
 Darren> get volumes and volumes of mail.

	Well, I think we need to have the policy voting also be done
 here, and the CFV for that should stay in the policy mailing list
 (there is no point asking for votes from people who have not seen the

 Darren> So, I can see an argument for either but in the second case,
 Darren> I'd agree that only one alias is needed for all votes (I
 Darren> wouldn't imagine there being that many votes being run at one
 Darren> time)
	You would be wrong ;-) I remember several (maybe a dozen or
 so) active amendments being discussed on the policy mailing list at
 any given time. I certainly would like us to plan as though htere
 could be a score. Look at uv-ext.tar.gz. It creates extensions to
 usevote to simplify multiple simultaneous votes.


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