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Re: Vote taking software

On 27-Aug-98 Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Are we going to be configuring this on vote.debian.org? That was you can
> do something like:
I have no idea really.  Ian asked for a "Voting Secretary" and Manoj showed up
with some voting software so I went to town.  What Ian and the
Debian-Powers-That-Be are going to do with this is up to them.  I'm more than
happy to continue building this thing on a vote.debian.org if they'd like.
<hint, hint>

> The ack replies would be formed in such a was as to set the from address
> to be the votemaster and then bounces will be directed safely away from
> the vote taking software. 
The from address in the test message were.  Bounce software took the "error
adddress" from somewhere other than "From:" in the case that I found during the

> I don't know if the list software needs the mail aliases for each vote
> taking places so vote@vot.debian.org might be ok. We could also put up a
> web site on vote.debian.org describing what votes are currently running
> and recording past vote results, etc.
Or if it needs one at all... any discussion or reporting of results could be on
the list that the proposal was initially made on... (and the web page, I liked
that idea)

OTOH, if everybody knew to watch the vote mailing list for call for votes, that
might make things easier on people who get volumes and volumes of mail.

So, I can see an argument for either but in the second case, I'd agree that
only one alias is needed for all votes (I wouldn't imagine there being that
many votes being run at one time)

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