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Re: Vote taking software

On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, Darren Benham wrote:

> On 27-Aug-98 Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> > Are we going to be configuring this on vote.debian.org? That was you can
> > do something like:
> I have no idea really.  Ian asked for a "Voting Secretary" and Manoj showed up
> with some voting software so I went to town.  What Ian and the
> Debian-Powers-That-Be are going to do with this is up to them.  I'm more than
> happy to continue building this thing on a vote.debian.org if they'd like.
> <hint, hint>

Well, that's what I like to hear :>

Admin Guys, perhaps one of you could setup some space for this. (I'm going
to be out of town for a time)

> > The ack replies would be formed in such a was as to set the from address
> > to be the votemaster and then bounces will be directed safely away from
> > the vote taking software. 
> The from address in the test message were.  Bounce software took the "error
> adddress" from somewhere other than "From:" in the case that I found during the
> test.

There is also a reply-to address and possibly a sender address depending
on how things are formed, you may have to kick the mailer into doing this.
> OTOH, if everybody knew to watch the vote mailing list for call for votes, that
> might make things easier on people who get volumes and volumes of mail.

A vote mailing list is probably a good idea that way people can vote on
subjects they wouldn't otherwise see.
> So, I can see an argument for either but in the second case, I'd agree that
> only one alias is needed for all votes (I wouldn't imagine there being that
> many votes being run at one time)

It would be sensible to have cfv@vote so people can send their call for
votes there..


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