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Re: Vote taking software

On Thu, Aug 27, 1998 at 10:16:50AM -0700, Darren Benham wrote:
> >       Just make it send the bounces with a different envelope
> >       sender, and mails to that address go to a human or trash.
> >       Qmail makes this very easy, so one of the debian machines
> >       should be used for this..
> The bounced mail is originating from machines that are not under
> our control TO our machines.

	other machine				vote machine
	user@example.com	--bad vote-->	vote@debian.org
						(or foo@votes.debian.org)
	user@example.com	<--rejection--	vote-owner@debian.org
						(or foo-owner@votes.debian.org)
	MAILER-DAEMON@example.com	-->	vote-owner@debian.org

	No problem here. What part did I not understand?	
tv-nospam-sig-1@hq.yok.utu.fi - it's a valid address w/o spam

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