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Re: Vote taking software

On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, Darren Benham wrote:

> The only problem I've found that I need to work on is handling bounced mail. 
> Since the vote ack is sent back to the email address in the PGP keyring, if
> that email address is wrong, the ack bounces back to the vote software which
> tries to process it as a vote again.  Since the bounce isn't PGP signed, it
> gets rejected (even though the vote itself was accepted) and the voter thinks
> his vote was rejected because of a false PGP signal.  I think an Errors-To:
> xyz@abc.com would take care of that.

Are we going to be configuring this on vote.debian.org? That was you can
do something like:


The ack replies would be formed in such a was as to set the from address
to be the votemaster and then bounces will be directed safely away from
the vote taking software. 
I don't know if the list software needs the mail aliases for each vote
taking places so vote@vot.debian.org might be ok. We could also put up a
web site on vote.debian.org describing what votes are currently running
and recording past vote results, etc.


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