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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

On Tue, Aug 25, 1998 at 11:26:29AM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:
> > You can still set up a mirror, stop mirroring, update the archive yourself
> > and master a cd on your own.  All the needed scripts are included.  I'm going
> > to do this for a special edition, too.

	Answering Martin, I don't have enough free space to setup a
mirror, I would do so if I had, but I currently take along with me a hard
drive from home to the university to dump the CD images... pretty

> Hi Javier,
> I'm happy to make an unofficial CD for you, if your not confident doing it 
> yourself -- we can treat it as the beta for 2.0 r1, and depending upon whether 
> the 2.0 r1 release happens in time for the magazine, you can use the beta ot 
> the real release.

	I would really apreciate that, I am sure the readers of the magazine
would like to have these beta if there is not a real release yet. Yesterday
I burned the official Debian 2.0 CDs (main and sources), so I have them in
case I don't get to the deadline. Also I will try to use them as much as
possible and file bug reports in order to see any bugs fixed for 2.0r1

> > > 	When will this release be made? This week? Next?
> > 
> > I don't know.
> I think we should try to do it this week.
> Has anyone been collecting a list of required updates ?
> Of the top of my head, there is:
>   fixed cd_autoup.sh, and the READMEs that go with it
>   someone wanted a package removed that should be in non-free (I forget the 
>   name)
>   I guess putting the latest debian-cd on the CD might be nice, but not very
>   important
>   I presume there are a load of packages in stable-updates that should go into
>   the next release
	By the way, I have had some user reports on some problems regarding
CD installing, but not enougth detailed to pinpoint the real problem. I will
be using the CD images I burned yesterday to do a full update to the two
Debian machines I have setup at home, this week, and I will possibly have
some bug reports on the installation.

	One thing I haven't reported yet, thought it is more estethical than
technical is that in one of the dialog screens on configuring the net, the
dialog box is smaller than the text it contains which makes it look ugly..
to which package should I address bug reports? To Enrique Zanardi's boot-floppies?
Am i right?

> I am willing to make exceptions where the mirrors are out of date, and people 
> need a copy of the images for things like magazine deadlines, but this is 
> generally a fairly small window, since the mirrors can update in a few 
> hours if the machine isn't swamped by the public.
> Cheers, Phil.

	Thanks for the offering Phil, I would really appreciate if you gave
me access to the copy at cdimage.debian.org. My deadline is set september
the 1st (maybe I can move it to another day same week).

	Thanks for all your help.


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