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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

> You can still set up a mirror, stop mirroring, update the archive yourself
> and master a cd on your own.  All the needed scripts are included.  I'm going
> to do this for a special edition, too.

Hi Javier,

I'm happy to make an unofficial CD for you, if your not confident doing it 
yourself -- we can treat it as the beta for 2.0 r1, and depending upon whether 
the 2.0 r1 release happens in time for the magazine, you can use the beta ot 
the real release.

> > 	When will this release be made? This week? Next?
> I don't know.

I think we should try to do it this week.

Has anyone been collecting a list of required updates ?

Of the top of my head, there is:

  fixed cd_autoup.sh, and the READMEs that go with it

  someone wanted a package removed that should be in non-free (I forget the 

  I guess putting the latest debian-cd on the CD might be nice, but not very

  I presume there are a load of packages in stable-updates that should go into
  the next release

I hope we are going to do this in a way that means that the 2.0 tree is also 
available after 2.0 r1 is released --- Is that true ?

> > 	Will cdimage.debian.org will be open for everybody (w/o password) to take the
> > images or will we have to wait for the mirror sites to update?
> I guess Phil will create a new set of images for a new sub-release.

I will.

I will not be making cdimage.debian.org open for everybody, and am attempting 
to discourage more than one mirror per continent grabbing things from there 
(in the firsat wave at least)

Any other approach just means that nobody gets a copy of the images for days 
after the release.

I am willing to make exceptions where the mirrors are out of date, and people 
need a copy of the images for things like magazine deadlines, but this is 
generally a fairly small window, since the mirrors can update in a few 
hours if the machine isn't swamped by the public.

Cheers, Phil.

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