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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

Quoting Philip Hands (phil@hands.com):
> Has anyone been collecting a list of required updates ?
> Of the top of my head, there is:
>   fixed cd_autoup.sh, and the READMEs that go with it
>   someone wanted a package removed that should be in non-free (I forget the 
>   name)
>   I guess putting the latest debian-cd on the CD might be nice, but not very
>   important
>   I presume there are a load of packages in stable-updates that should go into
>   the next release

IIRC, xadmin was supposed to be left out of hamm, and was causing

Is there a reason not to put apt in? (It's always seemed stupid to me
that debian distributes apt as a tool for upgrading from bo, encourages
its use, and makes people grab it from unstable.)

Mike Stone

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