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Re: more developer identity stuff

>>"Ossama" == Ossama Othman <othman@astrosun.tn.cornell.edu> writes:

 Ossama> Okay, just confirm what I need to do, I need to send a
 Ossama> scanned image of my driver's license, for example, signed
 Ossama> with my PGP signature to Debian.  I am going to "black out"
 Ossama> my license number, my address and my birthday.  Will the
 Ossama> photo on the license and the name on my license be enough?

	Your birthday? 

 Ossama> Once my identity has been confirmed, what will Debian do with
 Ossama> the documents?  Sorry for the paranoia, but I've never met
 Ossama> any of you.  Handing over things that prove my identity to
 Ossama> people I don't know just doesn't sound appealing to me.  :-)

	Well, you realize that lack of trust also is reciprocated ;-(
 Right now, I am thinking that I don't know you at all, and your lack
 of trust in us engenders a like lack of trust in me, at least, and I
 am unsure about having someone I distrust put code on my production

	An volunteer distribution like Debian is based on openness and
 trust. We also have to demonstrate accountability to our users, and
 there has to be a way of getting hold of people who become developers
 in case there is a rogue developer who iserts trojan horses into the
 distribution. Personally, I think that telephone and snail mail
 addresses should be required of all developers. 

	I, as a developer, stand completely behind my work; and the
 developers database has my address and phone number (well, I dunno if
 anuone actually saved the data that Lindsay collected)

	I would think that having ones identity unequivocally
 available should be mandatory for becoming a developer. If this
 bothers you, maybe you should consider this endeavor again?

 "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for you are crunchy and
 good with ketchup."
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