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Re: more developer identity stuff

On 23 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	Well, you realize that lack of trust also is reciprocated ;-(
>  Right now, I am thinking that I don't know you at all, and your lack
>  of trust in us engenders a like lack of trust in me, at least, and I
>  am unsure about having someone I distrust put code on my production
>  platforms. 

Somehow I thought you would respond to me in such a fashion, Manoj.  I
understand why Debian wants to verify a potential developers identity, and
that there is no reason to trust me at all since no one really knows me.
I have no problem with Debian's policy regarding a developer's
identity because, for the most part, it admittedly makes sense.  However,
most people have problems with sending official documents to people who
they don't know, as some of the Debian developers themselves have stated
with regard to this thread of discussion.  I wanted to become a developer
because I wanted to contribute to Debian because I like the Debian
distribution(s) and because I thought that it would be nice "give
something back" to Debian; however, not at the cost of divulging
"sensitive" information.  I may be paranoid, but then so are the rest of
the developers that agree with me.

You also mentioned issues about snail mail and telephone numbers.  I do
agree with you about those issues.  It is great that you stand behind your
work, especially since I use your work. ;)  Again, my qualms were just
with proving identity not my location (the thing with the address on my
license was because that address is old).

As you suggested, I have reconsidered my desire to become a developer and
withdraw my intent to package the ACE library.  I hope that I can
contribute to Debian in some other way.

On a different note, I just want to thank all of the Debian developers for
doing such a great job!


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