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Re: more developer identity stuff

On 23 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> 	An volunteer distribution like Debian is based on openness and
>  trust. We also have to demonstrate accountability to our users, and
>  there has to be a way of getting hold of people who become developers
>  in case there is a rogue developer who iserts trojan horses into the
>  distribution. Personally, I think that telephone and snail mail
>  addresses should be required of all developers. 
> 	I, as a developer, stand completely behind my work; and the
>  developers database has my address and phone number (well, I dunno if
>  anuone actually saved the data that Lindsay collected)

I thought phone numbers were required - I was certainly telephoned by
James, tyo check that I understood the DFSG..


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