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Re: Gnome and libtool

> Some other ideas:
>  - ask to host anon-cvs off of lounge.mozilla.org:
>     http://slashdot.org/articles/9806110811228.shtml
>    2 Gigs of RAM, 80 gigs of hd, 4 CPUs, 1000 developers at once.

It is a Sun UltraSPARC Enterprise 450 running Solaris. This a typical
scalable solution ready to move onto Starfire. Hope our Debian/UltraSPARC
catches up quickly while I am in the discussion to get a SUN AXmp board
(crichton - based on UE450).

>  - solicit for people to host a cvs mirror network (like FreeBSD does)

Count on us. We can provide a Dual-Pentium Pro system with up to 1GB RAM
when needed. However, I`d prefer having Solaris 2.6 running on it. Hope it
won`t hurt our feeling but instead stimulate Linux SMP development.


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