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Re: Gnome and libtool

> >  - solicit for people to host a cvs mirror network (like FreeBSD does)

Ward Deng <wdeng@KachinaTech.COM> writes:
> Count on us. We can provide a Dual-Pentium Pro system with up to 1GB RAM
> when needed. However, I`d prefer having Solaris 2.6 running on it. Hope it
> won`t hurt our feeling but instead stimulate Linux SMP development.

I hope you're not suggesting Solaris/x86 on a PPro dual?  I deny that
it's likely the Solaris server will outperform the Linux one.
Moreover, people should be running from Sol/x86 like the plague.

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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