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Re: MPICH up for adoption

John and Debian Developers,

Kachina intends to take over some scientific computing related packages. 
Internally, we have packaged some numerical libraries under bo. MPICH is
certainly one of them that we are most interested. We are now in the
process of allocating some resources before we officially announce our

Our ultimate goal is to have as many ready-to-install .deb software
listed on our SAL (http://sal.kachinatech.com) site. This is what our
users of SAL asked for. It may take longer than we expected. :-)

However, I do not know if it is OK for a company to be the developers
of some packages. And also we want to ask if it is a good idea to create
a branch under local/ for dselect to pick up. Please advise.


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On 21 Aug 1998, John Goerzen wrote:

> I am currently maintaining the MPICH package.  MPICH is a libary and
> assorted tools for parallel/distributed computing using SMP, a
> network, or other like architecture.
> However, the build process for MPICH is somewhat dirty and I am
> finding that I do not have sufficient time to maintain the package.
> There is a new version out, MPICH 1.1.1, and the new maintainer would
> probably want to repackage that version from scratch.
> Any takers?

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