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Re: Need for a special spreasheet application

"Dr. Michael Meskes" <meskes@online-club.de> wrote:
> Since I suppose some of you have had the same problem, I ask here. I need a
> simple spreadsheet where I can enter the time I leave home, arrive at the
> customer´s site, leave there and arrive back home. The sheet then should be
> able to compute the time I spend on the road (or rather train in my special
> case) and working.

That should not be a 'spreadsheet' issue... You have to enter the correct
calculations. I have been teaching Office for some time, and have used
ApplixWare on my own comp, and the calc should be something (it was a wile
ago :)

date=A+B (asuming that in the A col you have when you left, and in the B col
          you have when you get back)

> I have one running under StarOffice, but SO isn´t very stable. Also it has
> too big a footprint IMO and last but not least, it is not DFSG free.

Ohh... If you absolutly need DFSG freeness, I think you're out of luck.. I've
tried about every free Office suit, and they just don't cut it...

I can recomend ApplixWare. It's comersial, but it's not as big (big as in
'big foot print') as StarOffice. It is also faster.

> Thanks for every hint. I am also willing to look at another spreadsheet, if
> these two won't do. So this all boils down to: Which spreadsheet is best
> suited for an office environment?

As you can see above, I'm a big faan of AW... :)

If the only thing you want to do, is keep a tab on your time spent on a
project (or whatever), there's 'worklog'.

>From the manual:
       worklog  -   a  program for keeping track of time spent on
       different projects

       worklog [<project config file> [<log file>]]

       worklog is a program that helps you  keep  track  of  your
       time.   worklog  is  a  simple ncurses based based program
       that runs a clock and logs time to a logfile.  When  work-
       log  is  invoked, it reads the project configuration file,
       and periodically appends to the log  file  throughout  the
       extent of its run.  Individual logfiles are also kept on a
       per-project basis.  The key of each  project  is  used  to
       construct  a separate log file made unique by appending .X
       to the name of the main log file where X is the key  char-

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