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Re: dupload similar for master?

On Mon, Aug 10, 1998 at 03:03:40PM -0300, Lalo Martins wrote:
> Shouldn't there be a tool similar to dupload in master? I
> sometimes have to build packages there when my computer is too
> slow. Then I download all the files to my box, sign the .dsc and
> .changes, and dupload the stuff. If the .deb has 500k and the
> .orig.tar.gz has other 500, it's 2M wasted bandwidth.

good point :)...and I just logged into master now to check...
dupload isn't there

> Let's call this program "dcheckin", "drsign" and "drsignwait".
> ---
> drsign lets you remotely sign a file. It basically does:
> 1: ask your ssh/scp passphrase
> 2: ask your pgp passphrase
> 3: scp-downloads the file(s) you want to sign
> 4: sign them
> 5: scp-uploads them back

hmm and since the files are small...no real problem...and since you are
sshed in anyway (we should hope) its not too bad giving it your
pgp passphrase...

> ---
> drsignwait does almost nothing. You use it in dpkg-buildpackage
> as in -p"drsignwait" and when invoked, it:
> 1: it keeps a copy of the unsigned file somewhere
> 2: prints a message telling you to remotely sign the file with
>    drsign (providing the filename of course) and asks you to
>    press enter - something like, assuming you created a subdirectory
>    "pkgtemp" under your home where you do all your builds
>       Please run 'drsign pkgtemp/freeciv_1.7.0-1.dsc' in your
>       computer and press enter
> 3: when you press enter, it checks the signature. If it doesn't
>    match it reverts to the unsigned backup made on 1 and loops
>    back to 2
> 4: when the signature is ok it returns successfully

this sounds good too...

> ---
> dcheckin does just like dupload, but no ftps; it just cp's the
> files to the correct locations in master and then announces to
> the correct list, and anything else dupload does (like checking
> md5sums before anything). I don't know, maybe dupload is able to
> do that, but there's no dupload in master AFAICT.

I don't see the need to go through the extra work of 
this when we have a perfectly fine dupload....why not just
have dupload installed on master for installing from master?

it would just be ftp'in to itself...no real problem with speed
(tho...maybe dupload could be made to realize it is on master
and "skip the ftp middle man")

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