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Re: A proposal to revive the Policy document

>>"Martin" == Martin Schulze <joey@kuolema.Infodrom.North.DE> writes:

 Martin>  a) A weekly status has to be posted to debian-policy.

	Hmm, I guess the weekly report I proposed posted to
 debian-devel can also be sent to debian-policy. Done.

 Martin>  b) A set of web pages covering recent topics has to be set
 Martin>     up and maintained.  This could be master/~srivasta/ since
 Martin>     it's not "that" official but could also be somewhere on
 Martin>     the main server.  [or use a different user name]

	Hmm. I think this should also be under CVS; so that anyone on
 the team can modify the CVS page; then a simple cron script can
 export it out of CVS and onto the Web Page. I'll Add this in. 

 Martin>  c) We are able to do votings, we are, right?  In cases where
 Martin>     the discussion doesn't want to end it could be a good idea
 Martin>     to let people vote.  a 2/3 majority could win.  If this doesn't
 Martin>     lead into a solution, stall this topic for at least 3 months.
 Martin>     After that period one can bring it up again and re-start the
 Martin>     procedure.

	Since the prior method was trying to achive consensus, I would
 prefer a 3/4 majority; if more than a quarter of the developers
 voting remain unconvinced, then the policy should not be amended. Of
 course, the voting is only done on subjective/non-technical issues,
 right? Settling technical issues by a popular vote is a bad idea.

 Martin>  d) Including the technical commitee for technical questions is
 Martin>     a good thing.  The only problem is that this ctte needs to
 Martin>     be working already before policy editors could need them.

	True. But I really do anticipate the constitution being passed
 as soon as we get a move on it; so my proposal shall talk about the
 committee, with the understanding that that section is only valid
 when there is indeed a committee to resolve issues.
 Martin>  e) I believe it's far better to consider this team as 'editor'
 Martin>     and not 'Master of Policy'.  It therefore should be no problem
 Martin>     in general if one proposal get's policy and Manoj would be strictly
 Martin>     against it.

	Actually, even editor implies too much control, I prefer the
 term maintainer, since policy is actually decided "upstream", by the
 policy group.

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