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Re: A proposal to revive the Policy document

On 7 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>  Martin>  b) A set of web pages covering recent topics has to be set
>  Martin>     up and maintained.  This could be master/~srivasta/ since
>  Martin>     it's not "that" official but could also be somewhere on
>  Martin>     the main server.  [or use a different user name]
> 	Hmm. I think this should also be under CVS; so that anyone on
>  the team can modify the CVS page; then a simple cron script can
>  export it out of CVS and onto the Web Page. I'll Add this in. 

(And of course CVS has other advantages, like access to earlier versions)

You could consider simply using the existing web-pages CVS tree/  But
maybe that's wrong, in this case...


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