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Re: URGENT: SCSI problems

bortzmeyer@pasteur.fr (Stephane Bortzmeyer)  wrote on 31.07.98 in <199807310732.JAA27252@josephine.sis.pasteur.fr>:

> On Thursday 30 July 1998, at 23 h 11, the keyboard of Jason Gunthorpe
> <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> wrote:
> > I ugently need to know what the status of the AIC7xxx driver is in the
> > 2.0.x kernels. Currently master.debian.org is running .32 and has
> [Warning: I'm not a developper, just the unhappy manager of several
> PC-with-Adaptec-SCSI and a reader of the aic7xxx mailing list.]
> > experianced a scsi write timeout. I'm concerned this may be due to a
> > driver bug. Last time I tried upgrading the kernel the scsi driver blew up
> > horribly and we can't afford to repeat that now.
> The Adaptec driver on Linux is broken and has always been. I *strongly*
> suggest to never use an Adaptec card on a Linux machine.

> Note: the issue of "whose fault is it" is irrelevant. Choose any one, the
> maintainer, the Linux SCSI code, Adaptec corp.

>From what I hear, both the problem and the solution are Adaptek. That is,  
they've been reluctant in the past to give out information, but that's  
recently changed, so expect the situation to get better.

That said, I've been completely happy with NCR.

MfG Kai

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